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Morphe Brushes Review : Blush Palette, Eyeshadow Palettes, and Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone!

If you’re an Instagram junkie like I am, then you’ve seen the numerous posts of makeup artists and beauty bloggers raving about Morphe Brushes! For those who are unfamiliar with the company, Morphe Brushes offers a wide variety of great quality cosmetics and beauty products that are extremely affordable! They carry a lovely selection of inexpensive makeup palettes and an array of professional makeup brushes that are swoon-worthy, along with many other reasonably priced beauty tools and accessories.

The company was extremely kind to send me a lovely package with some of their products to try out. To say that I’m excited to share these products from Morphe Brushes with you all would be a complete understatement because I’m utterly flooded with euphoria right now! With that said, let’s get to the goodies!


First, are the three makeup palettes that I received, which includes a blush palette and two vibrant eyeshadow palettes.


The '10B' 10 Color Blush Palette is absolutely stunning and I was immediately drawn in by the lovely array of pink and neutral colors in this palette.


This blush palette contains ten beautiful warm and cool toned shades with a combination of matte and shimmer finishes. These blush colors all have a very smooth texture and are extremely vibrant. The shimmer shades have a slightly softer consistency and better payoff than the matte shades. The three matte blushes in this palette applied evenly like the shimmer ones, but the matte colors required a bit of building up to achieve an opaque payoff. Nonetheless, all of the blushes are very easy to work with, are extremely build-able and blend-able, and can easily be layered to achieve more intensity if needed, especially the matte blushes.

The '10B' 10 Color Blush Palette retails for $15.95.


S : Shimmer - M : Matte

All of the swatches in this post were done on bare skin without the help of a primer.


Next, is the '35C' Multi-Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette, which is an all-matte palette that consists of a variety of bright and earth-toned shades.


The '35C' Multi-Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to play with colors! This palette has a great assortment of warm and cool shades from the basics like white, black, and brown to bolder hues like yellow, red, and blue.

These matte eyeshadows have a soft texture and are extremely pigmented. They have great color payoff, applies readily, and are very build-able and blend-able. They’re very easy to work with and there are fall-outs, which isn’t an issue for me since it’s expected of matte eyeshadows.

I swatched a few random shades from the palette to show you what the payoff and consistency is like. I put a little heart on the shades that I swatched and again, these swatches were done without a primer.

The '35C' Multi-Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette retails for $19.95.



Moving on to the '35U' Multi-Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, which is the shimmer version of the previous matte palette with almost identical colors. These shimmer eyeshadows apply extremely well, are intensely pigmented, and doesn’t require an eyeshadow primer in order to obtain an opaque finish.

The '35U' Multi-Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette retails for $19.95.




Makeup brushes are one of my beauty obsessions and I’m always on the hunt for good quality and affordable ones! When I saw the bundle of Morphe Brushes’ Gunmetal Makeup Brushes in my package, my jaw dropped! These brushes are so beautiful and chic, and their quality is just as impeccable!

The Gunmetal Brush Line consists of 20 synthetic face and eye makeup brushes. Each brush has a sleek aluminum handle with ultra soft bristles that looks and feels incredibly luxurious. These brushes are so soft, are very well-made, and they perform extremely well. Every brush does its job wonderfully, whether it’s applying eyeshadows, buffing foundations, or blending out eye colors; I experienced no difficulties or issues with these brushes, and there was no shedding of the bristles either. I really enjoy these makeup brushes and think they’re definitely worth acquiring, especially since they have great quality and are remarkably inexpensive!

I’ve listed the details for each makeup brush down below, beginning with the face brushes in the collection. 


There are a variety of face brushes to choose—-here are my recommendations:

G6 Flat Buffer Brush (a flat-top brush with soft, yet dense bristles that is perfect for buffing foundation to create a smooth and flawless finish)

G7 Round Powder Brush (this large and plush powder brush is ideal for applying powder all over the face)

G8 Tapered Powder/Blush Brush (the soft, tapered shape of this brush allows for easy blush application and blending in the contours of the cheekbones)


G1 ($13.95) : Mini Buffer Brush

G2 ($13.95) : Pointed Buffer Brush

G3 ($13.95) : Tapered Contour Brush

G4 ($15.95) : Angled Brush 

G5 ($17.95) : Pointed Powder Brush

G6 ($13.95) : Flat Buffer Brush

G7 ($17.95) : Round Powder Brush

G8 ($16.95) : Tapered Powder/Blush Brush

G9 ($13.95) : Foundation Brush


Some of my favorite eye brushes from the Gunmetal Brush Line are:

G13 Blending Fluff Brush (this brush is versatile in function and can be used to either apply eyeshadow all over the lid or to blend out eye colors)

G17 Round Blender Brush (a rounded brush with luxuriously soft bristles that is designed to effortlessly blend out eyeshadows)

G18 Round Crease Brush (the tapered tip of this brush precisely applies and blends shadows into the crease to add depth)


G10 ($6.95) : Concealer Brush

G11 ($4.95) : Angled Liner Brush

G12 ($4.95) : Oval Lip Brush

G13 ($7.95) : Blending Fluff Brush

G14 ($6.95) : Oval Shadow Brush

G15 ($5.95) : Small Oval Shadow Brush

G16 ($6.95) : Angled Blender/Shadow Brush

G17 ($7.95) : Round Blender Brush

G18 ($7.95) : Round Crease Brush

G19 ($5.95) : Round Contour Brush

G20 ($6.95) : Medium Oval Shadow Brush

Here is the makeup look I created using all eyeshadows from the '35C' Multi-Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette. I decided to have a little fun with this look, using the beautiful mint green eyeshadow and deep purple shade from the palette as my main colors. I applied the lightest pink shade to my upper crease as a transition/blending color and used the white eyeshadow to highlight under my brows and my tear ducts. I went a step further and added some nail decals that I had lying around to give the makeup look a playful element.






You can find these makeup palettes and brushes along with many more affordable beauty products at!


(Products were sent for consideration. The views and opinions expressed in this post were completely genuine.)

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Body comparisons. 

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